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Chuck, Fletch, and Quantum Leap?

As the great Dr. Sam Beckett would say: “Oh boy.”

If you aren’t familiar with Sam Beckett, you have never watched a popular show from the 90s called Quantum Leap. Why bring it up now? Because Leap star Scott Bakula is appearing tonight on that sweetest of current TV shows–Chuck.

But that’s not all.

Also joining the show’s cast tonight is comedic legend Chevy Chase, star of one of the funniest pure comedies of all time: Fletch.

This episode sounds like a radio station with the best of the 80s, 90s, and today. Chase will play some maniacal bad guy and Bakula shows up as Chuck’s long lost father.

The combo is strange since I just learned that author Gregory MacDonald, creator of Fletch, wrote 9 books in the brilliant character’s series. How did I miss this for the past thirty years? Can’t wait to read the next seven, but there’s more to this story. Continue reading Chuck, Fletch, and Quantum Leap?

Heath Ledger Birthday

Today would have been Heath Ledger’s birthday. I know his performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight would have launched him to the top of the heap if he didn’t accidentally kill himself first, but the greatest movie he ever appeared in was The Patriot (#15).  Follow the link to the movie page and a great scene from the film.


Are You Living In A Lie?

The world you think you live in does not exist. That’s lesson one for any student of life. As a life-long lover of movies, I’ve realized that some of the most captivating stories are about characters who realize that the world in which they live is not real.

The Matrix, The Truman Show, and Stranger Than Fiction all tell stories about people who are jolted from their everyday reality. Each of these characters comes from a different perspective. Just about everyone relates to at least one of these protagonists. Which one are you?


In The Matrix, Neo is unsettled, always sure that something is missing from life. His world is hollow. He feels empty, unsure of what needs to happen or who will ever understand.

Truman Burbank spends his life oblivious to the false reality encapsulating every second of his existence. He is a commodity, a human for sale. Every second of his life generates ratings and income for someone else. His hopes and dreams and passions mean nothing in the real world.

Then there’s dull Harold Crick who controls every instant of his life down to the number of toothbrush strokes at the same time each morning. The ultimate image of control, Harold is knocked out of rhythm by the sudden enlightenment that he is about to die, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

The passions, joys, and trials of these characters pique our interest, but their search for answers and meaning captivates us. We want the same answers they seek. We want to know if our lives matter, if there’s more to existence than what we see. We want to know if there’s a higher power.

We have omniscience over Truman and Harold. We know what they do not, who is in control. For Neo, however, we must follow him down the rabbit hole in the ultimate search for reality. Despite entirely different worlds, these three men suffer through a fundamental theme. Awakening is painful.


Americans are haunted. We live with one eye peeking back, never sure if we’ve escaped the ghosts of our past.  Continue reading Are You Living In A Lie?

American Idol: And Then There Were 8

As predicted here, Megan Joy is the next American Idol contestant going home.  Finally.

Here’ s a weird Idol stat for you: That’s three parents in a row to get bounced by America (Beware Lil Rounds). Apparently you don’t want your pop stars to achieve superstar status if they have children.  No worries, Megan was all too happy to go. 

A couple of other observations.

  1. The lip synching has to stop.  The group performances used to be halfway decent.  Now they’re just terrible, painful to watch.
  2. Lady GaGa, who performed her fluke hit Poker Face, should never be on my television again.  She will be completely irrelevant in three years, and the only memories of her will be mock laughter like [insert ridiculous 80s fad band here].

The bottom line is that it’s all about blind piano player Scott MacIntyre.  I still don’t think he will pull it out, but just maybe…

Here’s the updated list of how the final 8 stack up. Continue reading American Idol: And Then There Were 8

Bill O’Reilly Not Drinking The (Harvey) Milk

Bil O’Reilly and Whoopi Goldberg traded visits on their shows, The Factor and The View.  Here’s a brief exchange between the two over Sean Penn’s playhouse friends as Joy Behar plots the murder of the No Spin guest. 


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I Love You, Beth Cooper

One of the funniest books ever is coming to the screen.

I Love You, Beth Cooper By Larry Doyle

I bought I Love You, Beth Cooper last year partly because the story looked good but mostly because of this advice from Dave Barry, one of the funniest writers who’s ever breathed:

“If this book doesn’t make you laugh, something is wrong with you.”

The movie releases July 10th and will star Hayden Panetierre as Beth Cooper, the object of Dennis Cooverman’s pathetic desire.  I’m not sure how good the movie will be, but the book is hilarious.  I mean tears from your eyes, stringy stuff hanging out your nose, lost track of dinner and burn the food funny.

So now when Larry Doyle says to buy a book, you should listen.

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Then There Were 9

American Idol continues to be one of the few worthwhile things on television, the only reality show which features decent real people (for the most part) rather than dysfunctional trainwrecks picked to grab ratings.

For the second week in a row, a regular person displayed poise and perspective as they got sent home.


Michael Sarver followed up Alexis Grace’s calm departure as the latest contestant booted by America. 

I love it when losers display good sportsmanship despite disappointment.  It’s the same with athletes who keep things in perspective.  We may love the competition, but it is just a game or money or fame or anything else that doesn’t matter the second you die.  Continue reading Then There Were 9

The Greatest Who Ever Lived

I’ve often heard that there are three types of people in this world.  That’s not true.  There are only two.  Those who “get” The Far Side by Gary Larson and those who don’t. 

If you don’t know what The Far Side is, don’t worry.  There’s still time to go find it and learn.  If you don’t like The Far Side, then no offense but there is simply no hope for you.  Sure you can still find love (possibly), but you will never understand this world, this life, or real people. 

Listen to me single people.  If you are considering marriage just clear your mind, grab one of Larson’s single panels, and show it to your other.  If he/she laughs until stringy stuff comes out their nose, you can marry them.  If he/she gets confused, bored, or angry, you need to run like a deer with a bullseye shaped birthmark. Continue reading The Greatest Who Ever Lived

Band of Brothers, Part Deux

With the opening fifteen minutes to Saving Private Ryan Steven Spielberg altered cinematic portrayals of war like Sylvester Stallone transformed fighting scenes in Rocky.

In 2001, Spielberg and Tom Hanks teamed up again to bring us Band of Brothers, possibly the greatest thing ever filmed.  Now they’re at it again.

The current project is a follow-up to The Pacific, another 10 part series set to release this year.  The story will follow the 1st Marine Division from Guadalcanal to Okinawa.

This theater of battle has not been explored by filmmakers nearly as much as Europe.  Most Americans recognize Hitler and nazism but don’t understand Eastern cultures or the Asian world as well.  Furthermore, the Holocaust didn’t take place in Japan.  Nevertheless, now it’s time for this level of production to focus on these amazing untold stories. 

The team once again tapped writer Bruce McKenna to adapt the stories for screen. 

You can view a trailer and info here. Keep checking right here for every meaningful update on this anticipated series.

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Seacrest vs. The ACLU

shark_tale_063jasmine1Jasmine is leaving American Idol early.  Is it just me or does she remind anyone of Angie from Shark Tale?

The other elimination must have been a real blow to multiculturalists as the final cut came down to the guy from India vs. the guy from Puerto Rico.  Jorge didn’t make it.  Way to go America, you inconsiderate voters.

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