The Death of EduClaytion, Part 2 [Ft. Jeff Goins]

I know I stunned the world yesterday (or at least surprised 37 people) by announcing that eduClaytion is going to die. I really appreciate so many people stopping by to read and leave some thoughts. I’m going to carve your initials in my locker today just to show how much you mean to me.

I have some fun funeral festivities in the works for the next couple weeks but wanted to take a minute today to write one last “normal” post. Mostly, I want to explain a bit of where this decision came from and what this man has to do with it.

Jeff Goins has been rampagin' ya'll

In a way, the decision to end eduClaytion came out of nowhere. I certainly never expected this when I launched a new version of this site at the end of February. At the same time I launched (which is also going away) because I thought I had some things figured out.

But sometimes you need to take a few steps in the best looking direction so you can get off the path you’ve been on and see an even better route to where you want to go. When I finally arrived at this decision to kill my site, I knew the plan was necessary and good.

Some of you who also write on the internet might experience some of the same frustration/tension that I’ve felt with blogging over the past year. There are so many voices out there talking about platform and stats and SEO and content and it makes you want to scream sometimes. I started this site over 3 years ago because I wanted my words to have a home. I didn’t start with ANY plan and certainly wasn’t producing focused content. Then when people start telling you how to be a more effective blogger your stuck because you’ve got months or years of the wrong way built into your site. Yet I LOVE my site and the amazing community we’ve created here.

What do you do when you have a blog but lose focus, grow stagnant, or just want to start all over again? What if you have subscribers and Google juice? I understand this mindset and was wrestling with such thoughts, especially as the Killer Tribes conference rolled along a few weeks ago.

By the end of that day I could feel myself wavering like a madman, the blade in my hand held over my precious blog like the hand of Abraham over his only son Isaac on that mountain centuries ago. I figured I would only come close to plunging the steely point into eduClaytion but at the last moment someone would step out from the internet bushes and tell me to wait, that eduClaytion would live.

Instead, Jeff Goins appeared.


In case you’ve somehow managed to miss the GoinsBlitz hitting the internet lately, Jeff is a writer who has been skyrocketing as a leader in how to establish yourself in all the right ways. His new book You Are A Writer (So Start Acting Like One) has been busy kicking other titles off the top shelf over at Amazon in the past week, and EVERY writer needs to read it. This book is about how to thrive on the internet, and he’s established himself as a credible authority.

As I described my bloggy dilemma to Jeff that afternoon at Killer Tribes, he told me that he had been in the exact same position with a blog that was doing well like mine. But he made the decision to kill that old site. Then he began his current internet home GoinsWriter and the results have been astounding.

Jeff gave me the encouragement I needed to take this giant, scary step. I asked him to explain some of his thoughts in a nutshell for you today. Here’s what he said:

“I believe most people know what they need to do without someone having to tell them to do it. Trust that feeling. Obey it. Rip the band-aid off. It doesn’t hurt as bad as you fear it does. Moreover, when people consider the what-ifs or risk-taking, their minds almost always go to the negative side of things. But what about the potential positives? What if this works better than you imagined? What if it’s awesome? What if you’re amazing? Those are possibilities, too, you know.”

So true that we focus on loss more than potential gain. I know I have.

Until now.

I don’t have the space here to go into more detail but would love to chat with anyone about the decision or process or whatever. If you have questions ask away in the comments section or use the Contact page to get my email address and we can have an exchange that way. So many others have shared what they know with me, and I’m always happy to pay it forward if I happen to know anything too.

In the meantime, we have a death to plan! And it starts tomorrow–Obit Day. Be sure to come back for some fun and a little contest/giveaway as well. I won’t go away and leave you empty-handed. Unless you’re all the people who don’t win the one prize I have. But you’ll still have all the memories and stuff.

Finally, if you want to know more about this world of internet writing or how to connect with a lot of people authentically and quickly and in the process take on that nasty beast we all fear called, gulp, platform, then get Jeff’s book today and follow him on Twitter. You won’t be disappointed.


“I don’t have the big plan, just small glances and every now and then I’m still unsure.” ~ Children 18:3

44 thoughts on “The Death of EduClaytion, Part 2 [Ft. Jeff Goins]”

  1. Since I follow Jeff as well – yeah, now I think I get the intent, which brings understanding. Great pics of Jeff, by the way, I can totally see him in the role of serial blog slayer *laughs* *maniacally*

    Well, Clay, as I said yesterday, you my friend, are one smart man and I’m completely behind you. And – I’m going to buy Jeff’s book, because how you described things above is how I feel some days. So many voices and opinions and right ways. Sigh. I’m probably going to email you as well, but not today. Thinking first.


    1. It’s funny how that works Stacey. I’ve discovered a couple people’s blogs because they were getting publicity out of announcing that it was over. Better late than never!

  2. Those pictures of Jeff are truly frightening. Who knew he had a maniacal side?

    As I said yesterday, I’m excited to see what happens next. Long live the rebirth of Clay Morgan’s internet self! (I don’t even know what that means.)

    1. I’ve only had a short amount of interaction with Jeff, but I seem to bring out his maniacal photo side eh? Remember the Killer Tribes pics too.

  3. I think one of those photos should be the cover of Jeff’s next book. BTW, I read his latest book last night (yes, all of it; I’m obsessive that way), and you’re right…every writer should read it.

    And for you, Clay: I love the other level of life advice you’ve woven into this piece. Someday I’ll be saying, “I knew him when he was EduClaytion…”

    1. Glad you caught that eh? Truth. As for Jeff’s book, it’s a testament to his writing ability that he gets so much across in such a fast-paced way.

  4. Can I be a pallbearer? :-)

    I love how you nonchalantly reference the Bible as you crack jokes! Awesome!! You’re the best eveerrrrr.

  5. If someone came at me with a knife like that, I’d likely kill my blog too…

    I will have to check out his book, and I am curious how you will continue to evolve.

    Be sure to keep in touch.

    And let me know when and where MMM #3 will be back. 😉

    1. I’m sure I’ll be around and will definitely let you know if I figure out how to get that MMM3 done.

  6. Squeeky music, shower scene from Psycho…. Jeff approaches with knife in hand….Can hear water running…Jeff reaches back with the knife….more squeeky music… Educlaytion Pulls back the shower curtain and and and……. Stay tuned…..

  7. I always fear that this sounds condescending, but I don’t mean it that way when I say this:

    I’m proud of you, Clay.

    It takes guts to move on, to do what feels right rather than what feels safe, to take that giant and scary step. To change.

    And sometimes it takes guts to focus on the positives, because settling in and making due with the negatives requires nothing of you. In contrast, those potential positives ask a great deal of us. They ask us to be more than we are right now.

    I envy you your journey, Clay. Good luck. Godspeed. And keep in touch, why don’cha?

  8. My mom & I have this thing we call the “sacrificial idea.” Basically, you suggest an idea durning a brainstorm, the other person kills it thinking of something better.

    Lots of great things come from the death of “good” things. Just ask at Jesus.

  9. Clay! I’m really happy for you! I was hoping the reason would be something like this, and not that you’re going to abandon the interwebz altogether! You’ve built something to be proud of, and I know it’s only the beginning for you!

    Okay. I’m done with the sappy. Let’s get a drink.

  10. As long as you keep giving me awesome taglines for my very own blog- I can live with this decision. Although, it should be noted, I’m living with it reluctantly.

    My hat is tipped my blogging friend and I wish you all the best!!!


    1. Thanks Girl! I’ll miss our sporadic witty banter. We have some of the BEST banter in the continental U.S. excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

  11. I’ve only been a casual reader of your site, but have always enjoyed your smart wit and sharp writing. You really can’t go wrong with advice from Jeff when it comes to writing – looking forward to what’s next!

  12. So is this a publicity stunt (it would be a good one) to launch a better site? One with your own name since you will be a published author? I suppose if you tell me, you would have to kill me……. :)

  13. Well Clay, I am sorry to see EduClaytion go but it really looks like you’re heading towards really great things and all your enthusiasm and brilliance will serve your new direction well. I don’t know exactly what to say here to be honest, but I do know that I will be continuing to enjoy whatever you get up to – and I hope that you might find some time to guest post for me someday!

    Viva la evolution!

    1. Thanks for that Christian. You are the original Australian connection. I appreciate all the ways you’ve contributed here.

  14. I’ve been an absent commenter in the last few months (right now I’m also running the online stopwatch for a very intense game of mini hoops here in the circus basement) but you have always been in my reader and I’ve been reading.

    You’re such a smart dude. I’m excited to see what the next chapter brings for you…

  15. So sorry to hear it, Clay, but you’re right. Sometimes, you gotta go with your gut and take that scary step towards something that might be even better. You know you’ll have followers when blaze back onto the internets in a blaze of glory…yes, that was a lot of blazing, but that’s what one must do occasionally, as well. Good luck! And thanks for the book recommendation. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    1. Great Paige! You’re one of the funniest ladies to ever grace my site. Thanks for blazing it up with me. Well, you know what I mean.

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