The Death of EduClaytion, Part I

I used to LOVE watching The Incredible Hulk on television when I was a kid. I remember Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno as the great green duo. I spent many autumn days as a boy marching into the woods in one of my over sized flannel shirts and pretending that I was David Banner (not Bruce because I didn’t have the comics). The ground would be soft and the trees were at that brittle stage where a kick could obliterate the branches into piles of splintered bark.

Hulk smash.

I jumped for joy when I learned that they were making TV movies of the character in the late 80s. The Incredible Hulk Returns introduced me to Thor, and I became an instant fan of his character also. Pretty comical to think of those cheesy, old network movies following the record-setting weekend of the new Avengers movie (which is absolutely as great as everyone keeps saying).

A year later, we were treated to The Trial of the Incredible Hulk* and my favorite comic book character Daredevil (who I DID collect a great deal of). I still have the VHS tape I made of that movie and watched many times in subsequent years.

Then another year passed and yet another TV Hulk movie was scheduled. But that third one carried the impossible title–Death of the Incredible Hulk. It had to be a trick, I thought, some kind of publicity ploy to invoke emotion and ratings. A pit expanded in my stomach as the story unfolded. I had seen the commercials. Would they really do it? Would they really kill my Hulk?

That night felt darker than most, and when the green monster fell from that plane my upcoming 13th birthday loomed larger than his massive arms. First they kick you off the children’s menus, then they kill the Hulk. The murder of my childhood was almost complete.


You might think I’m telling this story because of the new Avengers movie, but there’s actually a different reason. I started thinking about the Hulk movies a couple weeks ago when the inevitable title of this blog post lodged itself in my brain. See, I arrived at a decision a short while back that was all at once a little scary and necessary and exciting.

This site, eduClaytion, is dying, and I’m about to kill it for good.

In less than two weeks I will have written my last post ever for this site.


That question is easy enough to anticipate, and I plan on answering it in detail tomorrow. I’ve seen posts in the past couple years where someone with a successful blog suddenly announces that they’re pulling the plug, and I used to think how could you do that?! I understand how they could do that a lot more these days.

The scary part of this process is gone for me, and I’m excited to pursue new opportunities. At the same time, we’ve built something here that I really love, and I’m not going to bail without taking time to celebrate.

So that’s what we’ll do.

After tomorrow’s post about why I’m ending eduClaytion (with a special appearance by one of the mastermind conspirators of this bloggy murder), we’ll spend the next couple Fridays doing things that I’ve never seen done on the internet. Let’s just say we’re going to lay this puppy to rest proper like.

For now, it’s reaction time. The diagnosis is severe, terminal even, but you still have time to say goodbye. I hope you’ll stick with us during the farewell festivities!


*The Trial of the Incredible Hulk is the first Marvel movie production in which legendary creator Stan Lee makes a cameo.

52 thoughts on “The Death of EduClaytion, Part I”

  1. Wow. I didn’t know they killed the Hulk. (Was that the reaction you were looking for?)

    I jest.

    Can’t wait to see all of what you have in store for us over the next bit and where you’ll be a year from now.

    And by the way: the analogy to the movie is vintage eduClaytion writing. Let’s not lose that, k?

  2. “First they kick you off the children’s menus, then they kill the Hulk.” Sweetest sad sentence ever. I just want to hug 13-year-old Clay!

    You know I’m sad to see EduClaytion die, but I have a feeling there’s an even better new life about to come into the world, even if you claim you’re not pregnant. 😉

  3. Great analogy and writing. I’ve missed your posts lately. Educlaytion’s dying, and I’m excited! Who knew I could be amped up about death? Looking forward to the festivities!

  4. As long as you’re not going off the grid completely to take up hermit life eating roots and wild berries and growing a mountain men beard, I can deal. I take it we’re switching locales for the Clay diet?

    P.S. – glad you’re not pregnant.

  5. As all good things there is a time to say goodbye… “To every season turn turn turn”…. I hear the beeping of the blog monitor getting slower, I see the lines approaching to a flat line. So I will do the best I can with my condolences:

    I knew Educlaytion before there was an Educlaytion, some called him an educator while others just found him strange. Educlaytion has taken us half way around the world and to alligator pits in Florida, it has found new friends in OHHHHH CANADA, while making March Madness not about Basketball but more about movies. Educlaytion has taken us on road trips while other times there has been a serious side. Educlaytion has introduced us to new bloggers at the same time trying to teach us something new.

    Educlaytion will be missed, the Fraggles will have to find a new home, Uncle traveling Matt will go back to his cave, Alf who found new life in his blog at times will go back to his garage. Clay’s Cheerleading outfit will be hung up for another day or a special evening which we won’t discuss right now.

    Finally the Tinman who found his heart in this blog will once again have to search for a new one. Educlaytion was not only a blog…”excuse me sniff sniff”..but also a friend.The plug might be pulled but what has been written will live in cyberspace forever, future generations will still be able to see what things were written by one very very very strange but great guy… R.I.P. Educlaytion

    “525,600 minutes how do you measure a blogger in a year”

  6. Stunned, although there is a part of me that understands. I think. As long as you’re not moving into a shack deep in the woods to run around in a flannel shirt yelling “HULK SMASH!” at the squirrels. Then, yeah, a part of me gets it.

    You’re far too intelligent a man to not have a plan. Can’t wait to hear what it is. Every ending is but a new beginning – it is my hope that the saying holds truth for this moment.

    Peace, Clay.

    1. The squirrels make everything okay. Thanks for the great compliments Gene. Glad you are part of the legacy of these pages!

  7. A nifty moniker like Educlation is just too good to be out of circulation. I hope you sell it to another enterprising educator named Clay

  8. They killed the Hulk? OMG. This is the kind of thing that happens when all you have as a kid is re-runs on a 12″ black and white TV.

    I really will be sad to see Educlaytion laid to rest. I found this blog when I was new to the blogosphere, right around the time I joined the Twitterverse. Thank you for showing me how it’s done.

    1. Thanks for saying that Piper. As for the death of Hulk, I can add that the studio intended to resurrect the Bill Bixby Hulk character but cancelled that once he became gravely ill in the early 90s.

  9. I can’t believe Educlaytion is dying!!! *shakes fist at SKY*
    Are you sure this isn’t some sick corporate publicity scheme? If it is, curses on your houseplants for selling Educlaytion out!
    I just can’t wait to see what’s next. It’s probably gonna be awesome. Like Joss Whedon’s Avengers.

    1. I thought some might think this was a ploy, but alas it’s real Ellster. If I get anywhere near Whedon awesomeness we’ll ALL be extremely happy. He’s genius.


    DO NOT (sob)…
    DO NOT GO GENTLE (sob)…


  11. I had a feeling this is what you were going to say. And it saddens me because this is where our bloggy friendship began and it excites me because I know you are headed toward bigger and brighter things. Farewell, Educlaytion. It’s been real.

    Onward and upward, friend! Looking forward to seeing how you kill yourself off.

    1. I know Larry. I saw you mention that the other day and thought Oops. But I appreciate you reading the rest of the way!

  12. I was totally hoping you were pregnant. Damn.

    But… but… what about March Movie Madness #3 – Battle of the Villains?

    I am sad, though I suspect why. You brought so many people together through your blog, that I am sad it will not be there for others.

    Can’t wait to read why.

    Still not ruling out alien pregnancy.

    1. Kelly,

      I heard that Educlaytion has a will and you were left MMM3, so I guess it will be up to you to sort out the Villians…

    2. I hope to continue to bring people together one way or another, even if not through blogging. Thanks Kel!

    1. Not in this case Larisa. EduClaytion is gonzo soon. That post was to help with a couple things you’ll be seeing in the next couple weeks.

  13. Well, darn – I kinda just got here. But I wish you the best as you move forward. And I’m excited for you, too! Sometimes change is just necessary, and you can only spread yourself so thin, right?

  14. I just couldn’t reply when I saw this the other day on FB. I stumbled upon this site during thee hardest year of my life. Even though I’ve known Educlaytion since I was a young girl, it was therapeutic to read an old friend’s humor and faith everyday. There were times where I was numbed with comfort and crying from laughter instead of heartache. One time in particular, I laughed so hard, it actually triggered a migraine! BTW,that was much more acceptable than a stress induced migraine. :-) Many times,your blogs seemed to be written from my life,and the words sunk in deep. Several other bloggers even reached out to me with encouragement and support. That alone is proof of a good thing,Clay. I’m sad to witness this death,but to die is gain, and bigger better things are a certainty. Thank you and many blessings in your journey. I’m a fan forever!

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