What’s A Synonym for EduClaytion?

Now for a little interactive time. Today’s topic is quite simple:

What do you think of when you think of eduClaytion? What comes to mind when you consider this blog and your experiences with it?

This question has a point and is part of next week’s big announcement.


31 thoughts on “What’s A Synonym for EduClaytion?”

  1. Well the first thing that POPS in my mind is (and you know I’m strange) but “Claymation” and I picture you as one of those California raisin’s.. Don’t ask why but that is always the first thing when I see Educlaytion… The second is, I know there will be something interesting and fun that for the most part we have all thought of at one time or another, kind of like the “Beatles” and you take us on a “Magical Mystery Tour”… So the Synonym would have to be “Surprise”, because your alway’s filled with surprise’s.. I know I took a round about way to get there but I’m there…”Educlaytion” Synonym “Surprise” …..

    1. Thanks Arty, that’s great feedback. Guess I’m full of surprises. Or at least I’m full of something!

  2. Dang, as usual I got to the party too late. Seriously, the very first thing I think of is “fun”, followed by “learn something new and hip” (which is kind of actually important and interesting because most of us on here are probably too old to be considered “hip” by my college freshman daughter’s group. But, we are – at least in our own eyes.) OK, I also think of ClayMation when I see Educlaytion, which then of course leads me to think of Gumby which then leads me to think of Eddie Murphy, Christmas, and Joe Piscopo. So, there you have it. Wait, you DID say you wanted random ramblings, right?

  3. Funny and informative. Whatever you feel like discussing that day, I’m up for it because I know it’ll be interesting.

    Curious about your Big Announcement!

  4. I am fairly new as well, and a bit late in responding. My apologies for both. The first thing that came to my mind was more of an association than a synonym: Greil Marcus. I like the approach of putting music and pop culture into a larger context and making it fun by incorporating movements, figures, and music.

  5. Quirky.
    Intelligent but not preachy/arrogant.
    The place that weirded everyone out in junior high but as adults they want to congregate there.

    Ca marche? Now, back to grehding pour moi!

    1. I love that about how I used to (and sometimes still do) weird everybody out. That’s bang on! Thanks eh?

  6. Weird one for you – my wife and I met while working an education toy store named EduNation…so EduClaytion reminds me of toys and my wife.

    You’re very pretty, Clay…

  7. Ummm, the thesaurus part of my brain never woke up today. :-( I’ll just ramble and you put the right word(s) to it. K?
    Educlation is full of awesomeness. You’re enough pop for us to feel hip and up to date,and enough faith for us to feel comforted and fed. You manage to go over the top in all the right places
    [ :-) ] and stay in balance so as to not offend. Tremendous writing and expression of self!

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