Interview Buffet

I know it’s been awfully quiet around these here bloggy parts lately, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been bored.

I’ve actually been traveling more weekends than not this year. Some of those events will have significant long-term consequences as ye shall see soon enough. In fact, one of those announcements will signal a change in the internet forever.

But for now, howz about I show you some of what I’ve been up to as I cheat on eduClaytion with some other interwebz hangoutz.

My first featured article for CBN Entertainment appeared the other day. Always exciting to get on such a well-read site. I may not know much about much, but I wrote about something I do know–How to Prepare for Summer Music Festivals.

Speaking of music festivals, I was back at Purple Door recently and spent some time with a few of my favorite guys in all of music. Here are some links for ya:

Nice warmup to what will hopefully be a hopping summer of music activity. More on that much later, like after a world-crushing May in which I make yet another major bloggish announcement.

You won’t believe what’s going to happen next.

17 thoughts on “Interview Buffet”

  1. The drum roll in the distance punctuates the “Something’s Happening” music. Dark clouds gather, pressing the sky down to our very shoulders as middle-aged men in clunky black glasses exchange pensive stares. The cows cluster in the southeast corner of the pasture while facing north, the home of the Yeti, the polar bear, and Yogi, and they low their mournful message. . . . “Winter is coming.” . . . . Or is, “Clay’s big announcement is coming”? . . . I always get those two mixed up. :)

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