The Things Excellent Adventure: A Photo Essay

Some of you may have caught my post the other day about Leanne’s Things at Killer Tribes. Well, I had them for more than just the conference. What follows are pics from their Excellent Adventure continued, this time with eduClaytion.

We started off in the only place that made sense–at college with Professor Morgan.

You know the Things had to get eduClayted
I always fall asleep on textbooks too
At university
Heinz Field, home of the Steelers, from classroom window

Of course, I spend lots of time making trips all over the place, so we hit the road for Nashville, Tennessee. On the way home a large sign in Cave City, Kentucky caught our eye. We stopped for a photo shoot that would make Boss Hogg gristle with glee.

Guntown Mountain ya'll. Pull over.
Welcome to Dinosaur World. Spot the Things.
Leanne's Things hanging out in Kentucky. See 'em?


Another tribute to Where's Waldo

Insert your own caption here
You DON'T go to Cave City and skip Mammoth Cave
The Things go redneck

So many hours in the car made us all antsy.

Lax seat belt laws?

But we HAD to make one last stop.

It was late & rainy but the Things rocked Claysville


It's Kim, the true artist behind all these great shots

Now as a special bonus, here’s an awesome picture of one of  the squirrel’s who visit me while I write.

Squirrels like Super Mario Bros. too

 Have you ever gone to Kentucky on purpose?

28 thoughts on “The Things Excellent Adventure: A Photo Essay”

  1. I love playing “Where’s Waldo?” with the Things!

    I’ve driven through KY a bunch but until last week, I’d never spent any time there. I visited a friend in Louisville for the afternoon. We didn’t do anything Kentuckian so I’m not sure that counts.

  2. Love it, Clay! They are fearless, aren’t they? They didn’t bat an eyelash (if they had any) when they went ziplining with us in W.VA., and you looked more scared at Dino World, LOL. BTW, I think it’s super cool that they named a town after you. 😉

    1. At least you got out. You know someone from Kentucky is gonna read this and think I really hate them or something.

  3. Love the pictures! And Leanne’s Things look like quite the handful. So to speak.

    I have actually gone to Kentucky on purpose. Once. My purpose was to drive through it on my way to Connecticut. :)

  4. Can’t say that I have. We used to drive through the State on our way from Wisconsin to Florida for spring break. It is beautiful!
    I hope Thing 1 and 2 made it back safely…..

  5. At least I wasn’t the only irresponsible one with the Things. I can’t believe you let them go in the dinosaur mouth. They could have been swallowed!

    Also were Things 1 and 2 flexing their guns in front of the Guntown sign? I think so.

  6. Well, if Kentucky is good enough for the Things, I done reckon it’s good enough for me. Plus, I think I need to see those dinosaurs firsthand.

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